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Four IOT businesses set to take advantage of ICP’s Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) Program

METS Ignited has announced four ambitious companies to take part in a 12-month program to evaluate new cost-effective sensor technologies.

Congratulations to Bis, Xsights Digital, Roborigger and Integrity Engineering Solutions (IES) who are set to accelerate their knowledge and application for IoT technologies in an innovation program run by Innovation Central Perth (ICP).

With more data available, in shorter timeframes, on an expanding number of devices - IoT sensors and data collection are changing the nature of the mining industry and providing METS companies with significant opportunity to develop new applications to capture and extract value.

METS Ignited is dedicated to helping the Australian METS sector develop globally competitive skills and knowledge, and drive the adoption of digital technologies and innovation into industry.

The Industry Growth Centre has proudly partnered with Innovation Central Perth, a centre led by Cisco with partners Curtin University, Woodside and CSIRO’s Data61 to aid the development and commercialisation of IoT technology to service a wide array of industries.

Due to the level of interest and calibre of applications, METS Ignited has extended the original opportunity of two memberships valued at $10,000 each, to four. The four WA-based businesses embarking on the Program are:

Bis is a leading resources logistics company, providing innovative logistics, materials handling and specialised equipment solutions to the global mineral resources sector.

Xsights is an Australian owned company focused on being the leading provider of technology enhanced data collection and insights reporting solutions for real time audience measurement and asset tracking.

Roborigger paves the new way of thinking about crane lifting and logistics with the wireless load controlling device that improves safety and efficiency by keeping people away from the loads, controlling loads using wireless and logging all load movements with images and weight.

Integrity Engineering Solutions has developed the patented RT-Bolt load measurement system, which allows real-time measurement of the load in any fastener during assembly or operation, which facilitates significant improvement of the reliability of critical bolted joints in the resources industries.

ICP’s Wireless Industrial Sensor Environment (WISE) Program will deliver foundational learning in sensors, visualisation platforms, data science, networks and communications. Each of the participating companies will gain access to a test environment and resources to collaborate and build real world industrial IoT solutions, including:

  • Access to talent – tailored tutorials on installing sensors and analysing data outputs, advice on capturing, visualising and analysing data;
  • Access to WISE hardware and software platforms – full access to computing hardware and industrial grade wireless sensors;
  • Access to campus infrastructure for experimentation & validation – open innovation and collaboration with other WISE members, joint Proof of Concept facilitations for particular sensor technologies.

Find out more about the program, and download the WISE program brochure.

About Innovation Central Perth:

Innovation Central Perth (ICP) is an industry and research collaboration centre located at Curtin University, with the vision of advancing digital transformation through an open innovation ecosystem. The centre is led by Cisco with partners Curtin University, Woodside and CSIRO’s Data61 and is designed to nurture innovation and growth by solving real business problems for small and medium sized enterprises.

ICP offers unique access to world-class facilities and global networks for organisations in search of a bold solution to a business challenge. The centre is designed to educate and help organisations and individuals navigate digital transformation and the rapid-change of technology.