METS day with the Minister

METS Ignited was honoured to host Minister for Industry, Science and Technology the Hon Karen Andrews to announce the launch the Future Skills Masterclass program for the mining equipment, technology and services sector.  The Future Skills Masterclass program recognises Australia’s competitive advantage in applying new technologies in remote and unique environments whilst leveraging our industry’s expertise.

METS Ignited, Minister Andrews, EmapperMETS Ignited, Minister AndrewsMETS Ignited Chair, CEO, Minister Andrews
Pictured: Minister Karen Andrews with Emapper Managing Director, Julian Kruger.
Minister Andrews, Process IQ Business Director Pieter Strobos.
Minister Andrews, METS Ignited Chair Lyle Bruce, and METS Ignited CEO Adrian Beer.

In a closed forum, METS Ignited invited Universal Field Robots, IMDEX, Interlate, and Blast Movement Technologies to provide industry insights into how technology in the METS sector is creating jobs, growth and productivity to support a highly competitive mining supply chain in Australia.

Universal Field Robots, METS Ignited officesIMDEX, METS Ignited officesInterlate, METS Ignited officesBlast Movement Technologies, METS Ignited offices
Pictured: Universal Field Robots Managing Director Jeff Sterling. 
IMDEX Chief Technologist Dave Lawie.
Interlate Director of Strategy George McCullough.
Blast Movement Technologies CEO Jacques Janse.

Thank you to the METS business leaders who joined us last Friday, including companies who have engaged with METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre at pivotal points in their technology adoption journey including information sessions, digital disruption masterclasses, accelerator programs, clustering groups and accessing collaborative project funding.

Process IQQuickSafety, METS Ignited offices
Pictured: Process IQ Business Director Pieter Strobos.
Process IQ Business Director Pieter Strobos and QuickSafety Founder and CEO Kurt Alexander.

In a roundtable with Minister Andrews each of these companies contributed to a lively discussion on everything from technology, space, defence, research, future skills, interoperability, investment and the next generation of METS and mining.

METS Ignited, CEO Adrian BeerDINGO Software, METS Ignited officesMETS IgnitedEmapper, METS Ignited officesRedEye Apps, METS Ignited officesMETS Ignited, Minister Andrews roundtableMETS Ignited CEO Adrian BeerMinister AndrewsCORE Resources, METS Ignited offices3ME Technology, METS Ignited offices
Pictured: Dingo Software CEO Susan Warby; METS Ignited Chair Lyle Bruce and Process IQ Pieter Strobos; Emapper Managing Director, Julian Kruger; RedEye Apps Chief Technology Officer Jenny Johnston, METS Ignited CEO Adrian Beer; Minister Andrews MP; CORE Resources Chair Jonathan Lorraine, 3ME Technology COO Martin Kime.

Minister Andrews and the Australian Government are committed to developing future skills, technologies and innovation in Australia to increase productivity and jobs in the mining and resources sector.  Minister Andrews' engagement with METS industry leaders on Friday 8 November is just one example of the Government's continued support for METS Ignited and the Industry Growth Centres Initiative.