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METS Ignited announces over $6 million in funding for four collaborative mining technology projects

In line with the Federal Government’s Modern Manufacturing Strategy, METS Ignited is pleased to announce the latest award of projects as a part of our Industry Growth Centre collaborative project funds.

METS Ignited’s role as an Industry Growth Centre is to lead collaboration between Australian METS companies, global suppliers, mine operators, research organisations and capital providers to support the improved productivity, competitiveness and innovative capacity of the Australia’s world-leading METS sector.

Today we are announcing the award of METS Ignited Tranche 4 Collaborative Project Funds. The combined investment of over $6 million dollars from METS Ignited and Industry partners have been awarded to AMOG Pty Limited, Gekko Systems, Polymathian, and Universal Field Robotics.

The fourth round of the METS Ignited Collaborative Project Funds focused on the application of Analytics, Automation and Robotics in the mining industry. The selected projects have originated in our local market, are industry-led, and are projected to deliver a high degree of global impact potential and substantial benefits to the METS sector.

The success of these four projects with over 17 industry partners in total is projected to deliver almost two hundred new roles, and generate a combined revenue contribution of over $100 million for the sector.

These projects recognise Australia’s world-class technological capability in areas of national competitive advantage as identified by Prime Minister Scott Morrison in his pre-budget announcement, Australia’s mining equipment, technology services (METS) sector is already playing a key role in adding value beyond just resource extraction.

METS Ignited Chief Executive Adrian Beer says the quality and capability of the funding applicants is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, with a number of the solutions having broader applicability across a number of sectors.

“This round of project fund recipients demonstrates just how capable our leading global METS sector is, and what is possible within our local technology sector,” said Adrian Beer. “We are extremely proud of what has been achieved by the project fund recipients to date, and this new addition to the project funding shows that we have a huge potential to build upon,” he said.


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