QuantumTX cohort hitting the accelerator to commercialise innovative technologies in Queensland

Brisbane, Queensland— METS Ignited and the Queensland Government today celebrated the conclusion of 12 weeks of intense business acceleration for fourteen leading technology businesses. The SMEs were drawn from across the State and supported through the online delivery of workshops and mentoring in the QuantumTX Queensland accelerator program.

The QuantumTX program provided access to 46 expert speakers from a range of cross-sector speakers, including 13 mining companies covering future demand, business scale capabilities and technology trends. It also included cross-sector discussions from The Australian Space Agency, AgriStart, SmartSAT CRC, Robotics Australia and the National Energy Resources Australia (NERA).

This week will mark the culmination of the SMEs’ commitment to accelerating their commercialisation pathways with a series of site visits and a final graduation pitching event in Brisbane, attracting an audience of senior executives from leading mining, METS, technology, and venture capital companies.

METS Ignited Chief Executive Officer Adrian Beer said Quantum TX has provided commercialisation support for local and regional technology companies with applications that can be implemented across multiple sectors.

“Today we have seen the accelerator participants demonstrate their capability to productise and commercialise technology, making it generally available for real customers and investors.

“We have seen Australian Droid and Robot showcasing mining safety improvements, BIA5 use remote ground vehicles using AI to support emergency management, and Real Serious Games providing productivity improvements via virtual and augmented reality goggles”

Programs like this from Quantum TX allow companies to accelerate these technologies into commercial use within industry.

QuantumTX founder Peter Rossdeutscher commented, “The quality of the innovation and readiness to scale that of the QuantumTX Queensland businesses was exceptional. Through the products and services from growing these SMEs, mining companies will be able to more effectively harness automation, data analytics and other technologies to operate more productively, safely and sustainably. I can see them very quickly scaling knowledge-based jobs exports within mining and across multiple sectors.”

METS Ignited Industry Growth Centre is working in partnership with the Queensland Government to accelerate the commercialisation and productisation of innovative technologies to drive economic recovery and jobs growth in Queensland.

Australian Droid and Robot

Australian Droid and Robot offers numerous products and services based on their extensive experience in remotely operated vehicles, from remote inspection of inaccessible areas to the design and construction of specialised ground and aerial robots. ADR can use their existing fleet or design, build and operate custom vehicles for their clients' needs be it the inspection of a seized raisebore, the remote laser scanning of an inaccessible area or projects requiring remote data collection. ‘Safety by Separation’ – separating operators from hazardous environments through teleoperation and autonomous systems.


BIA5 specialise in the design, manufacture, supply and support of electronic systems for military, law enforcement and private security agencies. Robotic solutions have been designed in partnership with Deakin University’s Institute for Intelligent Systems Research and Innovation. Their robotic solutions are designed and manufactured by engineers passionate about working with clients to provide the best possible solution to operational needs. This is supported by a team with a broad range of real-world robotics experience. Your system comes wholly supported from staff training to modification, repair and servicing.

Real Serious Games

RSG provides innovative software solutions for digital education, digital engineering, digital entertainment, and digital environments through VR and extended reality to help customers educate, plan and communicate with extended reality technology, helping them achieve their aspirations in business and education. By using innovation, exploration and experimentation, RSG challenges the ways people learn whilst growing their technology platform to create more efficient ways to deliver XR experiences and help their customers achieve their goals.

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