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Queensland based Vayeron steps onto the world stage with North America’s largest conveyor component company signing as a Vayeron Global Premium Partner

Vayeron Pty Ltd, a leading Australian Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology company for the global mining and bulk materials handling industry, has signed Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) as a Global Premium Partner in Vayeron’s flagship customer program.

Headquartered in Mackay, Vayeron is rapidly growing the global distribution of its innovative Smart-Idler® product line. Vayeron’s technology was developed locally in Queensland and is a mining technology success story having grown exponentially in the last two years. Largely driven by Vayeron’s Smart-Idler® system and its global adoption, users located in Canada, USA, and Latin American countries are now able to access a reliable and well tested market ready solution through a leading brand in PPI. End-user bulk handling operations that are seeking to address their conveyor productivity inefficiencies can turn to their well-known and trusted conveyor partner, PPI for their conveyor efficiency improvements powered by Vayeron.

Conveyor idlers are the rolling components that support a conveyor belt and represent a significant maintenance challenge for most bulk materials handling conveyor systems. The large quantity of the idlers contained within a conveyor system means that inspection and replacement routines are reliant on a reactive maintenance program. End-user customers regularly experience significant operational losses and flow-on damage to their conveyor belts due to unmitigated conveyor idler failure.

Vayeron Managing Director and CEO, Ryan Norris commented that the alignment of the two companies through the Premium Partner Program is a clear signal to the industry that digital technologies are going to increasingly take center stage in the Bulk Handling Industry. PPI is largely known for setting global industry standards for conveyor components and the inclusion of Smart-Idler® in their product range is no different.

Mr. Norris stated, “Our Smart-Idler® system used for the elimination of conveyor roller related downtime on bulk materials handling conveyors, is receiving significant industry demand from customers located globally. It is important to us to be able to deliver a quality solution through our conveyor partners. This Premium Partner Program has been designed to better align our company with the best players in the world and to ensure that we collaborate seamlessly to deliver smart technology solutions that are powered by Vayeron. Any end-users who are looking to create a step change improvement in how they maintain their conveyor systems can obtain their solution from PPI.”

PPI Vice President of Marketing, Dan Ricklefs said “Over past decades, we’ve worked closely with our customers to understand the unique demands of their applications. We have used this experience to develop industry leading pulley and idler solutions for many markets, including the bulk materials industry. We are excited to partner with Vayeron to add innovative sensors and data collection solutions to our proven idler designs to further reduce unplanned downtime and ensure maximum operating profits for our customers.



Vayeron is an industrial IoT technology company providing solutions to productivity challenges that anchor physical equipment to the digital world.

Vayeron designs, manufactures, and sells wireless hardware monitoring technologies which are innovative and unique in their design and capability. Our objective is to make products that are easy to deploy, operate and maintain and achieve a high return on investment for the end-user.


Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI) is the industry leader in conveying components, with over a million square feet of manufacturing space and 25 global facilities. PPI’s promise is simple: provide quality products at a competitive price with unbeatable customer service. It has been a promise kept for over four decades in a diverse group of industries including aggregate, mining, forestry, grain, unit handling and food processing. PPI is the industrial division of Precision, Inc., the parent company which also owns Precision Food Innovations (PFI). For more information visit

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